Study Affair Offices

Study office

Order extract of register, study certificate and study certificate for railway / Matkahuolto by e-form.

Study offices take care of administrative matters related to studies such as:

  • customer service
  • preparing and writing of degree certificates
  • receiving and registration of enrolments
  • updating of study performance register
  • official extracts of completed studies
  • official study certificates
  • registration of interrupted studies
  • general guidance at study financial matters

Study Service Fees from 1.3.2015 onwards

  • Handling fee, restoration of study right/continuation of study time, 50€
  • An official copy of the degree certificate (made from the copy at the UAS archive), 35€
  • A redrafted degree certificate when a copy is not available (old degrees), 65€
  • Transcript of Records (after graduation/resignation), 20€
  • Postage, will bw added to all posted documents, 5€

Study Secretaries:

Susan Sundqvist, Kone-, Rakennus-, Sähkö-, Tietotekniikka, Ympäristöteknologia, Energiatekniikka tel. +358 207 663 425

Siru Suominen, Liiketalous, International Business, Tietojenkäsittely, Project Management tel. +358 207 663 543

Elina Luokkanen, Sosiaali- ja terveysala, Informaion Technology, tel. +358 207 663 479


Admissions Services

Wolffintie 30
Opening hours: Monday – Friday 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.
Tel. (Info): +358 207 663 300

The Admissions Services deals with the national application system for education in Finnish and English language leading to UAS degree and for the education leading to Polytechnic/UAS Masters´ degree. The Admission Services also deals with additional application arrangements, and application for studies outside the Joint Application System (Open UAS studies).


  • official information concerning joint applications
  • application registrations and updating of statistics
  • co-ordination of entrance examination arrangements
  • information of the results of entrance tests
  • general information and consultation of applicants
  • other client services


Hanna-Leena Raja-aho, Senior Admission Coordinator, joint application matters

Juha Vierola, Admissions Coordinator