General Examinations and Retakings

Arranging examination

General examinations and retaking exams pertain to the primary performance of the study period are arranged during the actual study period as a rule. The departments draw up a separate exam succession schedule. Cardinal rule at drawing out the schedule is one exam per day. The first retaking exams are arranged in the period following the actual study performance period and the second retaking exam is at the beginning of the period following. When the date and time for the retake examination is chosen an attempt is made to provide all interested candidates for retaking exams an opportunity to participate.

The place of examinations and exams must be announced at least two weeks before the examination opportunity.


Main rule for participation is that the student has registered as a student for the study period concerned. For retaking exams, moreover,  a registration must be entered separately according to the way announced by the branch unit no later than a week in advance (in social services and health 9 days before) the due date for the retaking exam. The registration is binding. A student registered for retaking exam and neglecting to make use of the opportunity provided is considered as a student having participated.

In the examination circumstances, the supervisors have the right to remove from the examination any person not observing the instructions given. The student must have available the identification card with a picture. The students are allowed to bring into the examination occasion only writing tools, an eraser, drawing equipment and a calculator, the working memory of which can be deleted and must be deleted at the beginning of the examination or retaking exam.

Over clothes must be left outside the examination room. Bags including valuables (N.B., mobiles switched off) can be left at the front or back of the examination room. Use of a dictionary and use of any unchecked table books is forbidden. Required paper and supplementary materials is delivered by the examination invigilator, to be opened according to the instructions given by the invigilator.

After the examination occasion, all the materials handed at the examination must be returned. Conversation or other communication between the participants in the examination occasion is during the examination strictly forbidden. The person attempting fraud is removed immediately from the examination occasion and the student’s entire performance is rejected and cancelled.

Retake of failed exam or raising the grade

The student has two opportunities for the retake of a failed course. Students must follow the given retake dates. Teachers are not obliged to arrange other retaking exams outside these dates.

After two failed retakes the student gives a literary clearing of reasons which were leading to the failures and suggestions for further actions. The student must give the clearing to the Head of Department and discuss the situation with them on the basis of the clearing. If needed, the Head of Department will ask the teacher of the study period in question for a statement. Alternative solutions are retake of the special exam or retake of the whole study period.

The student has a right to raise an accepted grade of a study period once. The raising must be completed within one year of the registration of the original grade. The teacher of the study period will determine the way in which the student can attempt the raise. The failed trial for raising the grade does not reduce the original grade.

Assignments and seminar work

Tasks and assignments in writing, along with seminar work and similar performance are comparable to general examinations. Submission of an assignment or piece of work by due date corresponds to primary performance in the study period. An extended date for the submission of the work corresponds to the first retake, etc. The students must be notified of the time and date for handing in the tasks in writing no later than two weeks prior to the submissions deadline.