Student will apply for the degree certificate when all the required  courses are passed and registered and other graduation requirements are fulfilled. Student shall answer the AVOP questionnaire before submitting the application for a degree certificate. The application will be processed by the Head of Degree Programme. The degree certificate and its annex will be prepared by Study Secretaries after the approval. The graduating student will receive information when the application is in process and when the degree certificate is ready. The certificate will be issued within three weeks after the application has been submitted.

The graduate submits the property belonging to VAMK to the places the property was originally received from.

The user account is valid for seven days after the graduation. An email message about the termination will be sent to the student immediately after graduation or discontinuation.

Graduation ceremonies

The graduation ceremonies are arranged in December and in May. Each student can have three guests at the ceremony.

The names of the graduates, with the student’s permission, are communicated to the newspapers in the area and are published on the UAS website.