All students must enroll once per academic year either for attendance or non-attendance. Those who continue with their studies, enroll before the beginning of the autumn semester. Enrolment always concerns the academic year. The student who fails to enroll loses the study right. A student who has exceeded the study time cannot enroll non-attendance.

The enrolment time for Academic Year 2019-2020 is 15.4. - 2.9.2019.

  • The students who continue their studies enroll in WinhaWille at https://secure.puv.fi/wille.
  • Those who have exceeded the regular time of completion for a degree are to enrol at the Study Affairs Office.

In connection with the enrolment, the student must update the contact information and the email address at ‘Change Address’ in WinhaWille.

The Right to be Absent

Rules concerning the student’s right to be absent are determined by the point of time in which student has confirmed study place at Vaasa University of Applied Sciences. If you have confirmed your study place before 1 August 2015 you can be absent for two academic years (4 semesters). This time is not included in the maximum time of your studies.

If you have been admitted as a student in spring 2015 or after you can enroll absent for one academic year (two semesters). In the first academic year abcence is only possible due to military service, non-military service, women's voluntary military service, maternity, paternity or parental leave or due to being incapacitated by personal illness or injury to commence studies. If you enroll absent for the first academic year due to personal illness or injury it consumes your two-year right to be absent. Absence due to military service, non-military service, women’s voluntary military service, maternity, paternity or parental leave is possible at any point of studies and it does not consume study time. 

Student who has exceeded study time of his/her study right cannot enroll absent.

During the time of absence student cannot practice studies, get markings into the student registry or get study aid.   

Change of enrolment

The enrolment for attendance/non-attendance can only be changed at the turn of the academic year or during the enrolment time. For the spring semester, the change in enrolment must be filed by 11 Jan 2019 by submitting a form to the Study Affairs Office.