The Right to Study

Study time

Everyone who has enrolled attendance and has study time left has the right to study. Study time includes in addition to the duration of the degree program, one more year. For full time education, five years are available in engineering and health care education, four and a half years in others.

The student who has not completed the studies within the study time, loses the study right, unless the student has been granted extension of time to complete the studies on special grounds.

Extension of time

As a rule, extension of time can be granted for one academic year. The extension application must include a plan on how the student intends to complete the studies. The application is submitted to the study affairs office. For application form with further instructions, go to

According to the decision of the Council of State (1440/2014) the applicant will be charged 50 € of handling charge.  The contact information of the applicant will be sent to the economy and personal secretary for invoicing and information of the payment comes automatically to the study office of VAMK.

On completion of the studies required for the Degree Programme, the degree is conferred on the person. The actual study time is not extended due to eventual extra studies.


The student, who is going to resign the study place for transferring into another educational institution or working life or for some other reason, must immediately submit a resignation application form, available at the Study Affairs office or the VAMK web address Prior to filling in and drawing out the application, the issue must be discussed with the Head of Department or Study Counsellor.