Student Health Care

Student health care ends 18.12.2020.


From 1 January 2021 onwards, all degree students in higher education will be entitled to use FSHS services, as long as they have registered as an attending student for a particular term and paid the healthcare fee to KELA.


Finnish student health service (FSHS 2021)




If you suspect you have been infected with the coronavirus, you should always first contact your local health station BY TELEPHONE Mon-Thu 8am-4pm and Fri 8am-2:15pm. At other times call the national emergency number 116 117.


  • Gerby Health Station tel. 06 325 1711
  • Kirkkopuistikko Health Station tel. 06 325 1666
  • Ristinummi Health Station tel.  06 325 1691
  • Tammikaivo Health Station tel. 06 325 1703 and 06 325 1770
  • Vähäkyrö Health Station tel. 06 325 8500  
(in Albanian, Arabic, Chinese, Estonian, French, Kinyarwanda, Persian, Russian, Somali, Swahili and Vietnam)


ALERE, Wolffintie 27-31, 4th floor

Alere -map


A healthy lifestyle and good interpersonal relationships affect your health, physical condition and ability to cope. An important aspect of taking care of your wellbeing is to seek help from health care professionals early enough. During your studies you can turn to the Vamk student health care for issues related to health and ill health.

The objective of student health care is to support and improve students´ health by:

  1. promoting a healthier and safer study environment
  2. promoting better health and learning ability of students
  3. arranging health care services for the students



  • health check during the first year of studies
  • diagnosis and treatment of illness
  • treatment of mild injuries
  • matters to sexual health and contraception
  • matters related to intoxicants and mental health
  • travel advice  - vaccinations
  • supervision of the school's health-affecting conditions
  • dental care (fees according to separate statutes)



Reception  without appointment monday-friday   08.00 - 10.00 o´clock if you need emergency treatment

Otherwise please make an appointment.

    Telephone time 10.30 - 11.00



Public health nurse  Nina Eklöf, tel. +358 40 565 7551  

Public health nurse Viivi Koskinen/Jenni Lehtinen, tel. +358 40 640 2702 (telephone time mon - wed)

Public health nurse  Agnesa Sallahu, tel. +358 40 649 4899


When Student health care is closed, you can contact your own health centre, according to your adress in Vaasa.  Opening hours : Mon-Thu 08.00-16.00, Fri 08.00-14.00

Tammikaivo (Palosaari/ Vöyrinkaupunki), +358 6 325 1703. Tammikaivontie 4
Kirkkopuistikko, +358 6 325 1666. Kirkkopuistikko 26
Gerby, +358 6 325 1711. Mäntymaantie 5
Ristinummi, +358 6 325 1691. Jyrsijänkatu 2


Get ready to show your student card or other identification card

Please arrive in time for your appointment.


We reserve the right to make changes