The University Chaplain

When you as a member of VAMK community


require counselling and support, or


feel the need to openly share your thoughts and feelings on existential matters, such as, the meaning of life, hope and hopelessness, loneliness, insecurity, or


are in quarantine and need help (for example in shopping of groceries),


Contact the University Chaplain! Timo is there for you, and all members of VAMK, regardless of (religious) background or world-view.


Timo’s meeting hours at the VAMK are at 13-15 o’clock on Wednesdays. With regard to the current societal situation, appointments take place outside the campus, until it is safe to enter the campus again. We can also arrange a meeting via Zoom/Teams.


You are also warmly welcome to meet Timo and other students at Vaasa church on every Wednesday at 18! Timo offers you a hot drink, snacks and good company!


Contact information: Chaplain Timo Kaukomaa (tel/whatsapp. 044 480 8218, timo.kaukomaa(at) Instagram: @TimoKaukomaa


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Timo Kaukomaa




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