Flexibel Study Right (JOO studies)

Vaasan ammattikorkeakoulu, University of Applied Sciences has made agreements concerning JOO-studies (flexible study right) that give students possibility to include studies completed in other institutions of higher education into their degree.

The study right to JOO studies can be granted to a student who has enrolled present if the home institution endorses it.

Application procedure

The study right can be granted to studies that the student can include in the degree as substitutive or complementary studies and which are not, as a rule, provided by the home institution. The inclusion of the studies into the degree and the status of the studies in the degree are decided by VAMK. As a rule, students can apply for the studies in other universities after the first study year.

  • The endorsement to the study right in another institution must first be applied for at the home institution using the JOO application form, which is submitted to the Study Affair Office. The application is dealt with by the Head of Degree Programme who will accept or reject the planned studies as part of the applicant’s personal study plan (HOPS). 
  • The Head of Degree Programme will notify the Study Affair Office by sending the decision and from there the form will be sent to the target institution. 
  • The target institution will inform the student and the Study Affair Office of the home institution of their decision on the JOO study right, whether positive or negative.  

The decision on granting the study right is made by the target institution. The granting is always dependent on the possibility of the target institution to receive students from another institution. The target institution has a possibility to assess the applicant’s level of knowledge before granting the study right.

The application for JOO studies is continuous and the study right is granted for the duration of one academic year at maximum. The flexible study right will end at the same time as the student’s study right for the degree ends at VAMK (i.e. the graduation will end the validity of the JOO study right.)

Credit transfer

  • The target institution will send a transcript of study records on the completed studies to the student and the home institution and based on the transcript the studies can be registered as completed elsewhere.
  • The student is responsible for submitting the course data to be taken to the home institution study register.

Vaasa Consortium of Higher Education

Vaasa Univeristy of Applied Sciences has an agreement on the flexible study right between the institutions of higher education operating in Vaasa.

Please check the possible application deadlines of the institutions that you are applying to.

SEAMK, Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences