Group Tutoring

The role of the group tutor in the study guidance is significant because the objective is the reasonable advancement of studies and graduation. The group tutor is close to the students, a familiar and safe person to whom the students can turn to when they have problems or something to ask. The group acts also as a safety net that adds the students’ well-being.

The main idea is that the group tutor has personal appraisal discussions with each student in his/her group  throughout the studies, when the tutor and the student stop to review what is the stage each student is in her/his studies. During the first year there is the starting discussion in the autumn semester and the appraisal discussion in the spring. As the studies proceed, there are 1-2 appraisal discussions regularly throughout the studies. The student is given a chance to discuss his/her future plans and choices and to assess his/her own work together with the group tutor.

Group Tutor: Each group has its own Group Tutor who is the tutor teacher in charge of the group. Group briefing (also the Student Counsellor present) once a study period.

Tutor: Tutors are ’older’ peer students who give advice and help the students in starting their studies.

Group Tutors:

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Information for the Group Tutors

Group Tutor's Handbook 2016


Starting Discussion follow-up and evaluation form

Appraisal Discussion follow-up and evaluation form