Instructions and forms for the students


Student services in a nutshell

Information for the new students:

Basic information, IT Students

Basic Information IB Students

Intructions for Guidance Discussions

Each group has its own Group Tutor who is the tutor teacher in charge of the group. The Group Tutor has personal guidance discussions with the student regularly; starting discussion at the beginning and the appraisal discussion once a year. Group briefing (also the Student Counsellor present) once a study period.

Before the starting discussion and appraisal discussion print the form here and prepare for the discussion beforehand. Also print your ISP (Individual study plan) from WinhaWille and have it with you at the discussion.

Tutor: Tutors are ’older’ peer students who give advice and help the students in starting their studies.


Starting Discussion - Information Technology (page 27)

Starting Discussion - International Business

Appraisal Discussion - First-year students

Appraisal Discussion - Continuing students.pdf

Appraisal Discussion - Last year's students.pdf