More than 1,600 have applied to become Vaasa Region’s Energy Ambassador

Posted on 2012-03-05 10:26:32 EET.

Vaasa Region Development Company´s press release March 5, 2012

Application period for the Vaasa Region Energy Ambassador has expired. The recruitment has received major attention. The person chosen will receive a salary of 30,000 euro for the summer job plus benefits including a car, hotel accommodation and meals, arranged by the campaign partners. The Energy Ambassador will get to know 12 companies in the region’s energy concentration and share the experiences mainly in the social media.

The recruitment criteria emphasized technological background, interest in the field of energy and experience in using social media. A total of 1624 persons considered them as suitable for the job and applied. The organizer of the summer job, Vaasa Region Development Company VASEK, is pleased both with the number of applicants as well as their high level of competence.

The information collected reveals that a typical applicant is 20-30 years of age, studies technology, works fluently in English and gets along in Swedish as well. Information about the recruitment process was found on Facebook or elsewhere on the web. Companies in the Vaasa region’s energy concentration are constantly looking for future workforce in this target group.

20 candidates will proceed to the next round and the best five of them will be presented on the campaign page on March 30. The Vaasa Region Energy Ambassador is selected by VASEK and the ambassador’s employers and will be presented to the public on 18 April.

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