Demolition Work Underway in the B-part of the Wolffintie Campus – Entrance Strictly Forbidden

Posted on 2015-01-12 11:23:36 EET.

The second part of the Palosaari campus renovation (B-part) has started in the beginning of January. Because of the ongoing demolition work, it is dangerous to pass throught the premises during the renovation. The estimated completion time of the renovation is at the end of the year 2015.

At Palosaari, the teaching has been moved into the renovated A-part of the campus. In addition, there is teaching also in the C-part of the Wolffintie campus and in the temporary premises of Yrkesakademi (YA). The student restaurant is located in the former school building across VAMK-campus.

Unfortunately there are no cafeteria services in the A-part of the campus building. The possibility to acquire a coffee machine into the student union’s premises is looked into together with the Student Union VAMOK.

Wolffintie kampuskuva.psd
The main entrance to the A-part and the temporary connecting gallery between A- and C-parts. Passing through or spending time in the B-part of the campus building is strictly forbidden during the renovation.

Further information:
Head of Facility Services Jari Peltonen
Tel. 040 578 7194,