Be educated and entertained by improvisation, Oct 14-16

Posted on 2016-10-11 14:53:05 EEST.

Improvisation Theatre Intopiukeet will celebrate its 10th anniversary on the weekend of October 14.-16.2016 by organizing improvisation festival ImproWasation. There will be six full sets of shows, and 13 different workshops. Festival will present a great opportunity to be educated and entertained by improvisation!

The workshops will be held in English, Finnish and Swedish and are suited to everybody with interest to theatre. Workshops are held by internationally known improv teachers like Shawn Kinley from Canada and Trent Pancy from USA.

The evening shows will be held in the Night Club Fontana both on Friday and Saturday nights at 9 pm. On the stage there are multiple performances from international arenas as well as from Finland.

So come along to enjoy the improvisation and experiment yourself!
More information and the time tables: