Answer to Radar survey 8 – 20.3.2022!

Posted on 2022-03-07 08:43:10 EET.

Now there is an annual opportunity to participate in the development of VAMK's Degree Programmes student services by answering the Radar survey.

You will receive an email from your group counsellor this week with a link to the survey. Reply soon because the response time is short! Among the respondents who left their contact information, we draw five S Group shopping cards worth 100 euros1. It takes about 10 minutes to answer.

RADAR surveys are carried out according to the phases of studies process

The RADAR-surveys are a series of surveys that vary according to the year of studies. The RADAR 1 survey is for first-year students and it focuses on introduction to studies and tutor activities, whereas the RADAR 2 survey for second-year students concentrates the factors influencing the learning process. The themes of the TUTKA3 survey are related to the transfer from studies to working life. In turn, the survey for students studying in our Master’s degree programmes (YAMK survey) addresses the experiences from the studies to the VAMK image.

Common questions for all four surveys are the intentions to drop out of studies as well as overall satisfaction with studies. We appreciate especially the free comments that can be given in each survey, too.

Summaries of the answers are compiled and discussed in VAMK's Management Group and education units as well as with the students in April.

For more information about the survey, ask Quality Manager Iida Svärd (

Thank you for cooperation!


1 We will notify winners personally.