I2A is a new playground for VAMK Information Technology

Posted on 2015-03-16 08:46:03 EET.

Industrial Innovation Academy (I2A) is a new playground for Information Technology engineering students. Here both Finnish- and English-speaking students are given opportunity to work with real-life problems given by industrial agents and other customers of VAMK.

The students have selected their own ‘boss’ themselves, who at the moment is Klim Skuridin. He, together with a few founding members, has recruited more students to I2A whenever they have discovered a need for more manpower. Currently, 12 students are working for I2A with as many projects.

The present projects are given by 5 companies of Vaasa region, while the remaining 7 are ordered by VAMK. One example of the products made by I2A, ordered by the School of Technology, is VAMK Mailbox, which aims at making it easy for industrial players to contact VAMK with their problems.

The Project Manager has just finished writing a detailed specification of the operational principles of I2A. This defines the responsibilities of different actors within I2A, which is vital for ensuring fluent operation in the future, too. The staff of the Degree Programme of Information Technology is represented by Dr. Smail Menani, who has been actively helping the process from the very beginning.


The presentation programme created by VAMK students has already been used at the field’s largest traid fair in Germany and in the US. Project manager Klim Skuridin on the right.

Text: Seppo Mäkinen, Head of the Degree Programme
Photo: Smail Menani