A new mobile site takes you to your study schedule

Posted on 2016-10-31 08:21:17 EET.

Tomi Lähteenmäki, a VAMK student in Business Information Technology, has created a mobile site for technology, business, and social- and health care students. The students and teachers can use the mobile site to access their current study schedules in a fast and easy way. The study schedules can be found in the address http://schedule.fi.

- Now it is easy and fast to find your study schedule also with your smartphone. I recommend that people add the address of their own study schedule to their bookmarks so it is even easier to find it, Lähteenmäki hints.

On the English site you can scroll the study schedules forwards and backwards.  You can find the instructions from the site’s homepage.

- When adding the site to your bookmarks make sure that the URL-address does not include the week number. Thus you can always see the schedule of the ongoing week except on Sundays, when you see the next week’s schedule, Lähteenmäki instructs.

If you already have added a bookmark that has the week number at the end of the URL-address, you will always see that week’s schedule and you will need to scroll forward to see the current schedules.

- If this is the case, you should remove the old bookmark and add it again or you can just remove the week number from the end of the URL-address, Lähteenmäki says.


Tomi Lähteenmäki is a second year Business Information Technology student at VAMK. The project that started from his needs and interests was first tested by his own study group where it was eagerly welcomed.

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