The Radar survey results 2022

Posted on 2022-04-19 09:06:49 EEST.

Thank you to everyone who responded to the Radar Survey last month! The results have now been completed and the reports will be mailed to VAMK's management, all personnel and group counsellors, who, like survey links, pass them on to their own groups. If the total amount of respondents remained less than required 5, it has not been possible to publish group level reports. A small number of respondents poses a risk to anonymity. These groups will receive a more general report. Thus, this Portal post provides only an overview of the number of respondents and the answers to questions common to all surveys, as this data cannot be read directly from the reports.

The gift card draw was done by Susan Sundqvist from the Student Services on Wednesday 23 March 2022. The prizes have been delivered to the lucky ones according to their wishes, either by post or on-site by VAMK.

Number of respondents

26% of VAMK's students had started responding to the survey, but only 67% of them had completed it (Table 1.). The final response rate was thus left at 17%. The majority had interrupted after the second question, the selection of their group. However, all respondents to the master's degree survey had finished the survey. In the Radar 1, 2 and 3 surveys, the number of respondents was highest among the business students, while in the Radar 4 and master’s degree surveys, technology students had responded the most (Table 2.).

Table 1. Total response rate for the Radar 2022 survey.



Table 2. Number of respondents by unit.



The number of respondents per group was at least five respondents in 45.5% of all groups (Table 3.). As many as one-fifth of the groups had no respondents until the end of the survey. However, in half of these groups there were a total of 28 students who had started the survey. Although the reports of groups of fewer than five respondents are not presented, the answers of those who have not completed the survey are taken into account in the reports at the levels of the degree programme and/or unit. At these levels, the number of respondents was large enough to protect the anonymity in processing of the responses.

Table 3. Minimum number of respondents in groups.



Questions common to all five surveys

All five Radar surveys had questions about general satisfaction with studies at VAMK and intentions to quit studies. Satisfaction is high among first-year students and among those studying master's degree, while second-, third- and fourth-year respondents are more dissatisfied (Figure 1.). Nearly one-third of the respondents have considered quitting their studies. Consideration of dropping out has been most common among Radar 2 respondents (35% of respondents) and rarest among master’s students (8%). In average, there were 2.5 reasons for intentions to quit reported per person.

Figure 1. Satisfaction with studies at VAMK.