Autumn Brings Some Challenges Caused by the Campus Renovation

Posted on 2015-09-18 12:21:49 EEST.

The renovation of Palosaari campus has now lasted for two years and from time to time, the students have had to work in quite challenging conditions. Hopefully everyone still has enough energy left to make it through this autumn, which will be challenging but also the last part of the renovation.

Business economics and social services education were transferred to Palosaari campus already during the summer in order to save money. When this decision was made it was apparent that this would cause challenges during the autumn because of the following reasons:

  • It has been necessary to place more than ideal number of seats in class rooms, which causes the air conditioning to function insufficiently. Also the ongoing renovation in the B-section of the facility causes challenges for air conditioning.
  • When the renovation of Medibothnia began almost half of our parking area was lost. At the same time more students and personnel began working on Palosaari campus which means that there are very few parking spaces on the campus during the autumn. The students are encouraged to cycle or take a bus to campus if possible.
  • The student restaurant Serveri has opened a new service counter and extended the lunch room to the festival hall area. Despite these actions long queues are likely to occur every now and then.

Luckily the situation will get significantly better in January 2016 when the renovated B-section of the facility and the parking area behind Wolffintie 30 facility will, once again, be in use.

Further information:

Jari Peltonen, Head of Facility Services,
Tel. 040 578 7194,