The TWINKLE Pitch competition is open!

Posted on 2015-11-02 13:32:11 EET.

TWINKLE 2015 is Finland's biggest business event focused on international competence and growth. It is a platform to bring internationals to light in a unique, interactive experience that will put together companies, talents, inspiring speakers, official representatives and experts. It takes place in Tampere Hall on December 7-8, with 2000 visitors and 40 top speakers from all over the world.

This is why we have created the TWINKLE Pitch competition, for you to share your creative and innovative ideas with the world and shine with us! TWINKLE opens a platform to turn your ideas into successful business, products or services.

How to participate?

Record a three-minute pitch in English, describing what makes your idea unique, how it benefits the people, companies or the world around you, and why you should be chosen to be a finalist in the competition.

Be motivated and realistic, and have some expertise in the field. Apart from these instructions, the only rule is that you are over 18 years old. It is your time to Shine!

What do you get from TWINKLE Pitch?

If you are selected by the TWINKLE Pitch organisers as a finalist, you get

- the opportunity to pitch your idea in front of an audience and the jury
- media attention
- a two-day ticket to TWINKLE 2015 for the pitching person

Please send your video and contact details via e-mail by November 15, 2015 to

Finalists will be contacted by e-mail.

The organisers of the competition are not responsible in any way for any information that has been divulged, during or in connection with the competition, or its use, if any, after the competition.

This video was an initiative of TWINKLE volunteers.