Renovations of the Palosaari Campus During the Academic Year 2014-2015

Posted on 2014-09-04 14:23:57 EEST.

The renovation of Wolffintie 30 facility began in the oldest A-part of the building one year ago. The renovation of the A-part will be ready at the end of October and teaching in the premises starts in the beginning of year 2015 (see picture below).

Renovation of the B-part will begin in January 2015 and will last till the end of the year. During the renovation the student and personnel restaurant Serveri will move to the other side of Wolffintie into the premises located opposite to VAMK (the future Medibothnia (M) building).

The renovation work causing great disturbance has mainly been conducted during the summer but some disturbance can still occur also during teaching. We apologize for the possible disturbance.

kuva_peruskorjauksen eteneminen.jpg

Further details:

Jari Peltonen, Head of Facility Services
Tel. 040 578 7194,