VAMOK nominates Anni Koivisto as the President of SAMOK 2017

Posted on 2016-10-19 13:37:27 EEST.

The Student Union of Vaasa University of Applied Sciences has a great pleasure to nominate Anni Koivisto
as a candidate for President of University of Applied Sciences Students in Finland - SAMOK for the year 2017.

Currently Anni is the chairperson of the board of VAMOK and she has a lot of experience of student union
activities. Last year she served as the vice chairperson of the board of VAMOK and before that she made her
influence in VAMOK’s representative council. During her time in representative council she showed special interest towards students’ advocacy work. Anni is also an active social services student and was in a group of students that established social services students’ own student association in Vaasa University of Applied Sciences.

- As the President of SAMOK I want to make sure that SAMOK is seen as a reliable partner and as a significant voice in today’s society. SAMOK has to build a culture of discussion and action, that will focus on solutions instead of problems. Besides the municipal elections, it will be important to invest in other advocacy goals.Special attention needs to be pointed at a few top projects with greater emphasis, local structural development projects and changes in students’ living. With this kind of work we need a top team, and I want to be the one pushing the team forward, Anni says.

During Anni’s period as a chairperson of the board of VAMOK, special attention has been pointed at communication and strategic development of the student union. During the past year, she has also served as the vice chairperson of the board in Opiskelijan Vaasa ry, where she has worked towards achieving close cooperation between all student unions in Vaasa. She has also been a part of SAMOK’s strategy work group, preparing the organization’s future strategy.

- Anni has plenty of experience from student union field and during the past year, she has truly shown her abilities as a leader and her ability to preserve team spirit. The best part in Anni is her skill to bring things forward, together with a group of people and her eagerness to throw herself into new challenges. Very rarely there is a job that Anni couldn’t take care of. Anni’s view and commitment will be needed in SAMOK next year, Jenny Jokelainen, the vice chairperson of VAMOK, describes.

You can follow Anni’s campaign from her Facebook page and
Instagram account @annikaisa_.


Anni Koivisto. Photo: Tuomas Oja

Anni Koivisto
tel: 045 177 7955

Campaign Manager:
Jenny Jokelainen
tel: 040 047 5894