Reminder for smokers

Posted on 2012-11-23 08:58:14 EET.

Smoking on the Wolffintie side of the yard

An ashtray in the middle of parts A and B of the building was moved closer to the pavement, next to the bush fence last spring.  This was done in order  to prevent smoke from spreading  through windows and doors into the nearby offices and classes.

It is not allowed to pour water or coffee to the waste basket –ashtray –combination. We also hope that smokers will pick up the cigarette stubs from the top of the ashtray lid and place them into the ashtray.

Smoking on the back yard

Unfortunately there are smokers who don´t  bother walking to the  smoking shelter in the back yard to smoke. As a result of smoking near the building, the premises (eg. public health facilities) suffer from cigarette smoke.

If you smoke in the back yard, please do it in the smoking shelter.