Corona policy for February 2022

Posted on 2022-01-26 15:58:07 EET.

Based on the regional situation in the corona virus epidemic, VAMK continues remote studies as a primary mode of teaching until the end of February 2022 to ensure the safety of the students and the staff. We will return to campus 7 March 2022 following current syllabus.

Masks are used once you are on campus premises.  

You will only come to campus healthy and a corona test will be taken immediately in accordance with the area's recommendation, and those who have been vaccinated will also be covered by this recommendation. We recommend that everyone take vaccines as recommended by the authorities. These are presumably required of students in social and health care in connection with internships. 


Theory teaching will be carried out as distance teaching until 28 February 2022 and we will return to campus 7 March 2022 following current syllabus. The necessary contact teaching is carried out on a pedagogical basis on campus and in Technobotnia (simulations, laboratories, the need to use software or equipment on campus). The teacher informs the students about the study methods.   

  • Distance exams are preferred, but a pedagogically justified exam on campus is possible. 
  • Where possible, all planning and evaluation work will be done remotely.  
  • The teacher can meet students on campus for pedagogical reasons.  
  • No company visits will be held live in February.  

Services on campus  

The campus is open and you can also come alone or with a small group to study on campus. Also Tritonia is open for study.  

Student welfare services are open normally and all services are also available remotely.  

Please follow the service offering and opening hours of the restaurant services on Juvese's website. 

There will be no on-campus meetings, events or occasions during February and no guests will be admitted. 


The preparedness group follows actively situation and we will inform you of the changes whenever needed.

Students’ corona instructions 

General instructions for staff 


In matters related to COVID, please contact directly.