Join RE:BUILD hackathon event 20-21 April

Posted on 2018-03-29 15:35:38 EEST.

Jubic with the help of West Coast Startup is organizing RE:BUILD hackathon again in Vaasa.

This 24 hour coding and hacking marathon will take place in Vaasa between 20 and 21 of April 2018. We welcome every IT student, programmer, designer, tinkerer and hacking enthusiastic to join us for working with different projects and challenges. The event is free of charge!

Jubic is looking for new recruits for coming summer, and proving your skills in RE:BUILD is certainly a great merit.

In RE:BUILD you will work in a team of 2-4 people designing and building an application that you eventually get to present to others. We have few topics for groups to choose from, such as the IoT and Image Recognition projects. Your project may contain electronic designs or it could be all software, it’s up to you. Development is done on your own devices, so bring your laptop with you! While the goal is to have fun and to learn new stuff, our judges will recognize few projects with prizes.

We are also hosting few optional challenges such as the hacking challenge where you get to test your pentesting skills against few vulnerable systems, and a challenge that tests your optimization and big data handling skills.

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