Fabulous Finland event on 9 January 2018!

Posted on 2018-01-04 14:04:35 EET.

Come and join the event to share your experiences from Finland in social media.

What: Fabulous Finland is a social media event enabled and implemented by international and internationally-minded students and staff members in Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS). It brings people together virtually to share their stories and experiences about studying and living in Finland.

When: Fabulous Finland is arranged on Tuesday the 9th of January 2018. Where: The event takes place in social media and other virtual platforms.


  • Social media: You can be part of the Fabulous Finland event by writing messages and stories about Finland and your own UAS in social media. You can use your own social media channels and accounts for the messages or post to public/open channels such as your own UAS’s Facebook page. Make sure to use hashtag #finnips to get your messages shown on the FINNIPS Social Media Wall, which collects posts published on public accounts on social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).

- When posting on social media, please make sure to follow good manners and make sure that you have right to share e.g. the photos.
- When messaging to your friends and networks, you can of course use your mother tongue. However, in order for more people to read your message on the social media wall, please make sure to post also in English!
- No access to social media on 9 January 2018? No worries, just schedule your posts

  • Other virtual platforms: Since everyone will be talking about Finnish UASs on 9 January 2018, why not make good use of the visibility for example by arranging webinars on the same day? You could also share videos or promote other UAS-related events taking place at a later date in your messages.

Why: Why not share your story and your Finnish experience to others? Send messages and photos to your friends, family and contacts back home and all over the world and tell them about your studies and life in Finland! The application period to Bachelor’s Degree Programmes taught in English takes place between 9 and 24 January 2018 so why not encourage people to apply to your UAS and degree programme? Last but not least, why not show to other UASs that yours is the best?! Let’s see from which UAS we get the greatest number of posts on the social media wall! Check the wall at the bottom of the FINNIPS website’s Student Stories section: http://www.finnips.fi/en/student-stories/  
Let’s join forces and explode the social media! On Tuesday 9 January 2018. All around Finland and in Social Media. #finnips #fabulousfinland #ownUAS #ownDegreeProgramme #studyinfinland #studyinfo #applynow #whyfinland #finland100

What is FINNIPS? FINNIPS is a cooperation network formed by 13 Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences. The main task of the network is to arrange entrance examinations to the UASs’ Englishtaught degree programmes in countries outside Finland. See more information at the website www.finnips.fi