- Studies online - Summer 2022

Posted on 2022-03-11 09:00:00 EET.

News in advance: Enrollment begins on 14th of March at 08.00 hrs offers you the selection of online courses by more than 20 Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences. You can select courses from another university free of charge and include these studies in your degree.

The supply of study units for spring will be  released on 28th Februaryand the enrolment period begins on 14th of March at 08.00 hrs.  Be ready as the most popular courses fill up quickly.

Vamk CampusonLine courses you need to enroll in Pakki (not by Campusonline!)

PURO-service: You can send your attainments in the service with the user ID of your home institution. Please note that registrations to Peppi can take approx 1-7 days.  Studies are recorded in Peppi programme to free choice studies. If you want your Campusonline studies to replace compulsory studies please apply for credit transfer.  Please wait that your courses are registered in Peppi before you make an application.

You should definitely use VAMK e-mail when enrol to courses!

VAMK students enrol to VAMK CoL studies at PAKKI


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