International Week at VAMK and Novia on April 16-19, 2018

Posted on 2018-04-11 12:58:01 EEST.

VAMK and Novia are arranging together an International Week on April 16-19, 2018.  The main objective of the event is to enable Internationalisation at Home and networking. Hopefully this also encourages staff members and students to apply for mobility period.

There will be participants from 18 countries: Spain, The Netherlands, Austria, Germany, Greece, Denmark, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Poland, China, Ukraine, Italy, Kosovo, UK, France, Romania and Czech.


The event is hosted by Schools of Technology, Business and Health Care and Social Services in VAMK and Novia.


International mini-fair on Wed April 18th.

Our international lecturers will give their lectures on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. In addition they will present their home univertities in the mini-fair on Wednesday, April 18th at 14-16 in Alere Square.



More info can be found from the event pages:


More information:

-Head of International Affairs, Tuija Tammi (VAMK),

-Dean Tony Pellfolk (Novia University of Applied sciences),