A Busy Trade Fair at VAMK

Posted on 2015-03-05 12:53:16 EET.

The first-year business students arranged a trade show at our City Campus as a part of their English and Communication studies. International Business students participated in the event as visitors which indeed put the exhibitors’ sales and language skills to the test. Also a lot out our staff members and some outside visitors mingled at the event.

The products developed by the students varied from tasty cakes and snacks, both salty and sweet, to a wide variety of products and services. An “after party cleaning service as well as a tablet that improves your memory capacity immediately after taking it, as demonstrated in a test that could be taken at the stand, were just a few of the examples of the great ideas presented at the trade fair.


First year business students put together a successful trade fair with lots to see and experiment.



An organic and exotic fruits stand.



Arranging a trade fair allows the students to use a multitude of skills. You need to be organized, creative, get along with your team members and be presentable to the potential customers, just to mention a few.



Is there any better way to promote your products than to give a tasty sample!


Text and photos:
Senior Lecturers Päivi Auranen and Camilla Harald