New Students


Welcome to VAMK, University of Applied Sciences!


At this website you can find useful information regarding the commencement of studies at VAMK. Please be acquainted with the information carefully. From the navigation bar on the left you can find degree specific information on the commencement of studies and important information on the verification of documents and paying the tuition fee (non-EU/EEA applicants).

Academic Schedules

Studies commence on 2 September 2019.

Academic Schedules for the autumn semester will be published in mid-August.

The Use of ICT in Learning and Teaching

Every student should have a laptop or tablet computer for using computer in their studies. There isn’t computer in every classroom and you might need one in classes. There isn’t any special requirements for a computer. Anyhow, if you are starting your studies in Information Technology program, you should have a more powerful computer (ex. 8GB ram, plenty of hard disk space and windows operating system for professional programs)

At Palosaari Campus we have a system, where you can borrow a laptop (for a day). There are not so many computers available, so own computer is a preferred choice.

IT arrangements will be explained more detailed in beginning of your studies. User id for VAMK IT systems will be given in beginning of your studies.

VAMOK - The Student Union of Vaasa University of Applied Sciences

As a member of student union VAMOK you get access to all nationwide and local student discounts. Order your student card before the first day at school from ---> become a member.

Student Housing in Vaasa

It is important for a new student to note that Vaasa UAS has no dormitories or any other kind of accommodation arrangements for its students. All international students as well as Finnish students should find their accommodation from the private market. In matters concerning housing you can contact VOAS, Vaasa Student Housing Foundation,, email:, telephone (+358) 6 327 6530. Please, visit their website for more information on facilities, rental condition and rules.

More information on student housing can also be found at the website of Vaasa Region Development Company at

Campus locations and Contact Information of Units

Campus locations can be found on VAMK website. 

Check also the bus timetables to the campus area.

New Student Health Documents (non-EU applicants and applicants from Baltic countries)

Please download Doctor's Statement form (PDF) and return filled statement to the Student Health Services. More information provided in the acceptance letter.