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The Right to Study

Application for Degree Certificate

Academic year 2019-2020 graduation schedule

Graduation day Submit the application by latest (by 3 p.m.) Last day to register assessments   Last day to submit the registration of thesis (paper form or electronic form) to the study office
30.9.2019 9.9.2020 9.9.2019 9.9.2019
31.10.2019 10.10.2019 10.10.2019 10.10.2019
20.12.2019 (graduation ceremony) 11.11.2019 Thesis can be unregistered when submitting the application. 11.11.2019 4.12.2019
31.1.2020 10.1.2020 10.1.2020 10.1.2020
28.2.2020 7.2.2020 7.2.2020 7.2.2020
31.3.2020 10.3.2020 10.3.2020 10.3.2020
30.4.2020 9.4.2020 9.4.2020 9.4.2020
22.5.2020 (graduation ceremony) 1.5.2020 1.5.2020 1.5.2020
18.6.2020 28.5.2020 28.5.2020 28.5.2020

There isn't a graduation day in November 2019 due to change of the student register.

Graduating is not possible in July and August.

Student will apply for the degree certificate when all the required  courses are passed and registered and other graduation requirements are fulfilled. Student shall answer the AVOP questionnaire before submitting the application for a degree certificate. After answering to the questionnaire, student is directed to a site with a link to the application.

The application will be processed by the Head of Degree Programme. The degree certificate and its annex will be prepared by Study Secretaries after the approval. The graduating student will receive information when the degree certificate is ready. The certificate will be issued in four weeks after the application has been submitted, earliest on the graduation day.

If the graduation takes place in December, the thesis can be unregistered when submitting the application. Those who attend the graduation ceremony will receive the certificate in the ceremony. Others can collect the certificate from the study office on next business day or the certificate can be mailed to the graduate.

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