8.1. eduroam

There is a wireless eduroam-roaming system on the VAMK's buildings . This is a global wireless network that allows for free access in different universities and campus areas around the world. eduroam is the only authorized wireless network for your own devices on the VAMK-campus.

You log on to the eduroam-network with your own VAMK's username and password. There is however one difference in the spelling ot the username. The username must be written in the form of e1234567@vamk.fi, which is your username appended with the realm @vamk.fi. The @vamk.fi -realm is very important because it provides the eduroam-network a way to connect your username to your own university.

For the most of the devices the connection to eduroam-network is very simple. You only select the eduroam-network from the found wireless networks and enter your username@vamk.fi and password when prompted. The device might give a warning about a certificate at the first time, but this should only happen once. Some devices and operating systems need some settings defined separately before the connection starts to work. Examples of these settings are at the end of this page.

In some devices there is a “anonymous identity” -setting. This is an optional setting, but the setting enhances the protection of privacy when using the network. Also the “anonymous identity” -setting needs the @vamk.fi -realm. A good example for the anonymous identity is anonymous@vamk.fi.

More information on eduroam network

In case of difficulty please contact the helpdesk . Be sure to tell as far as possible the following: the manufacturer and operating system of the device you are using, any error messages, location on the campus where the problem occurs, the date and time when you tried to connect to the network.

eduroam installers for different devices

  • Go to eduroam Configuration Assistant Tool website:

  • Click on the “eduroam user: download your eduroam installer” button. A new window will then appear. In the search field of this window type “vaasa” to narrow down the result list and select the option for VAMK.

  • Select the platform of the device you want to configure eduroam to. Download and run the installer.

  • During the installation you will be prompted for username and password. Enter your username as described earlier (username@vamk.fi).