1. Usernames and passwords

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From the users point of view it would be ideal if one username and one password would suffice. Unfortunately such system compatibility has yet not been made completely possible, this is because different systems develop at a different pace and we have been forced to purchase from different dealers. Despite this all main systems (Winha, Moodle, Windows and Linux) have been able to be linked together so that they all work with the same username and password.

The username is created by placing the letter e in front of the Winha student number; Winha student number 0501234 = e0501234. The centralized user account system works through a LDAP directory service which makes it possible to combine different usernames and passwords from different systems - including the Winha usernames.

Validity of the user account

The user account is valid for sevendays after graduation or discontinuation of studies. The account will be automatically removed according to Winha’s attendance code. An email message about the removal will be sent to the student immediately after graduation or discontinuation. If you think this message is uncalled for then please contact the student office (opintotoimisto@vamk.fi) where they will be able to tell you why your right to study has expired and your user account has been terminated.