2.1. Portal (Moodle)

VAMK uses a network learning environment called Portal. This service is using Moodle.

Portal uses the same username and password as Windows and Linux, e.g. e0501234. Changing your Windows and Linux password affects also Portal.


From beginning of Academic year 2013-2014 we are using the new study portal portal.vamk.fi. You can see courses in portal if you have made course enrollment in Winhawille. For that reason it is very important, that you enroll to all autumn period courses for at beginning of academic year. You do not need any enrollment key to access coursens in Study Portal !

Web Address of New Portal is: https://portal.vamk.fi

When you have logged in into website, you will find your courses at Navigation panel at right side of the page. Courses are under My courses link. If you cannot find your course on that list, please check your course enrollment in Winhawille. After enrollment your course will come into My courses list next morning.

If you have any problems, please sen email to moodle@vamk.fi.

Old study portal, your old courses and material used to be at https://portal.puv.fi/. These days the address redirects to the new portal: the old one was shut down 2017-11-21.

See also section 9.1.2 Urkund.