VAMK uses a student-administration system called PEPPI and there is an interface for the students called PAKKI, this interface can be accessed with a browser from or via the quick link from the school’s website


WinhaWille and WinhaWiivi will be closed permanently November 18th. and Peppi desktops will be available for all user roles Monday, December 2nd.

Notice!  This will cause changes to graduation timetables this fall.


Username and password for Pakki

New students receive username and password at the start of their studies from their group representative. If you forget or lose your password, you can receive a new one from the student office. When retrieving a new password take some sort of identification with you. It is recommended you change the password given from the school immediately after the first usage. You can change your password at The password changes then in every system.

In general, Peppi has only one user account per student. If student has multiple study entitlements connected to single identity, the longest lasting student entitlement is used to determined user account for Peppi. That user account is used to control all connected entitlements.

Student can change between entitlements in Pakki from Profile menu student number dropdown list:



Some of the personal contact information are also available for editing from this menu.


Functions in Pakki

Change of address

Students must update their address and contact information, especially remember to update e-mail address. The recommendation is to use the school´s e-mail address but other e-mail addresses are also allowed. Unexpected changes to the academic schedules (e.g. teacher taken ill) can in the future be notified by SMS or email.

Registration of attendance

The students must register in the beginning of each academic year as either present or absent, with the exception of the first-year students. Function can be found in Studies and Enrolments menu. In menu Profile and attendance, it is shown how many semesters the student has been absent and present. Failure to give proper notification of attendance leads to loss of study right.

Enrol to implementations

Enrol to implementation via PSP and Enrollments tab, which shows implementations for students PSP studies. Page shows only current implementation active for enrollment. Other studies can be search from Selecting studies tab.
Enrolment times can be found in the study guide. Enrolments must be done through Pakki.

Enrol to an exam

Enrol to a retake exam or an enhancement exam via E-lomake, links and instruction can be found from timetable pages.



Manual published by Peppi consortium : Student's Desktop

Video instructions published by TAMK : Teacher and planner role functions (only partly translated)