Peppi system

Peppi is a study affair, planning and resourcing system used with internet browser and accessed with school account to specific Peppi desktops based to user's role.

WinhaWille and WinhaWiivi will be closed permanently November 18th. and Peppi desktops will be available for all user roles Monday, December 2nd.

Notice!  This will cause changes to graduation timetables this fall.


In first phase Peppi will replace whole Winha product family and planning/resourcing tools.

Timetables will transfer from Mimosa to Peppi next school year 2020-2021.



Like in Wille, Peppi will include tools for enrolment, PSP and studies, and also for changing contact information (see instructions).

Unlike Wille, Peppi doesn't have retake enrolment and so this will move to E-form for every unit. Links can be found in per unit Academic Schedules.

In general, Peppi has only one user account per student when Winha had one for every student entitlement/student number.

The longest lasting student entitlement is used to determined user account for Peppi , which is used to control all connected entitlements. Student can change the used/modified entitlement from PROFILE menu:


Some of the personal settings are also available for editing from this menu.



Manual published by Peppi consortium : Student's Desktop

Video instructions published by TAMK : Teacher and planner role functions (only partly translated)