4.1. U-drive

If you save or remove files from your U: drive, both in Windows and in Linux, are the files saved or removed at the same time to both systems. This is possible because both the Linux and Windows AD user environments have a shared home directory on a Linux server.

Each username has a disc quota of at least 1024 megabytes for saving files on the home directory. The quota is increased automatically while studies progress. You can see how much of your U: drive is in use in Windows by right-clicking on the U: drive in My Computer and then selecting Properties. Of educational reasons it is possible to increase the quota. In such a case, contact your teacher. (Teacher: Report the course code STUDY-IMPLEMENTATION. For individual students the quota is increased only in case of a project or thesis.)

A backup is taken each night of the home directory. A backup is stored for at least a month, so if you accidentally loose a file it is possible to retrieve. Make the request through the Helpdesk or contact someone of the data systems team.

See also section 7.5. SSH terminal and file transfer (Putty, WinSCP and Swish).