4.5. Network drives for personnel

The following network drives are available for personnel in addition to the ones mentioned above:

Personal home directory S:\

An additional home directory S:\ is added during logon for the staff, which is only available on the staff network. The staff network is only available in the staff offices. The S:\ home directory is therefore NOT visible in classrooms. Files that are needed in classrooms should not be saved onto the S:\ drive but rather onto the U:\ drive.

A backup of the S:-drive is taken every night.

Mutual network drive V:\

During staff logon a mutual network drive V:\ is also connected. Different folders can be found on the network drive and the user rights are defined according to specified needs. Contact the Helpdesk if you need a mutual workspace for your team and restricted access to your space. The mutual network drive is in the public network and can therefore be accessed from the staff network, classrooms, via RDP and OpenVPN.