9.4. Server applications (public_html, cgi-bin, PHP, MySQL, Tomcat)

Homepages (public_html directory)

Under the home directory there is a directory (folder) called public_html, which is automatically published to the web using Apache HTTP Server. If you save into your public_html folder a file called index.html containing HTML code, it will be visible to the whole world at http://www.cc.puv.fi/~e0501234/ (or http://www.cc.puv.fi/~e0501234/index.html). This way you can create your own homepages - don’t forget about copyright and regulations.


CGI-, PHP- and MySQL support

CGI programs can be run on the Apache HTTP Server at http://www.cc.puv.fi/ by placing them in the $HOME/public_html/cgi-bin/ directory. PHP pages work in the $HOME/public_html/ directory and in its subdirectories (except cgi-bin). If your applications need MySQL database support, create a MySQL account at http://mysql.cc.puv.fi/ (works in intranet only). MySQL usage instructions will be printed to the screen after you've created the account. If you need support for some other database engine ask your teacher for more information. There are servers for special work and projects. Your teacher gives you more information regarding them.


Servlets and JSP-pages

Linux server with Tomcat application server at http://app.cc.puv.fi (works in intranet only).