7.2. VPN

VAMK has many web pages and services, which work only in VAMK network (ex.classrooms). You can use these services also at home or in eduroam network, if you have VPN service installed on your computer. You have to have a valid VAMK userid to use VPN service.

Students use https://studentvpn.puv.fi to download VPN application.

Staff use a https://staffvpn.puv.fi to download VPN application.

You can install VPN application on your computer and VPN connection is established only when necessary.  VPN application itself has no effect into other network connections.

Please DO NOT use VPN connection to ordinary network use (ex.  web surfing), because it doesn't speed up, but slows down your network speed. It also generates unnecessary traffic to VPN server. Use VPN only to these services, which are impossible to use without it. (ex. library databases).