7.5. SSH terminal and file transfer (Putty, WinSCP and Swish)

If you want to use a terminal connection and Linux applications then first connect to shell.puv.fi with SSH. Free Windows SSH clients like Putty and WinSCP can be downloaded from the web. With Putty you can use terminal based services and with WinSCP you can easily transfer data from e.g. your home computer to your public_html directory at the school's Linux server.

Incoming SSH protocols are restricted so that connections are allowed only from Finnish IP networks for security reasons. If you need to connect from any other network, please contact us (helpdesk@vamk.fi).

See also Swish (Easy SFTP for Windows) which you can use easily for attaching your home directory / U drive to your own Windows computer kind of as a network drive/folder (after the installation the Computer view gets a new Swish entry and you can create a connection/view for your home directory under it). In the connection settings it's worth to put a dot "." to the path setting which means Swish will show you the full contents of your home directory.


  • Name: U
  • Host: shell.vamk.fi
  • Port: 22
  • User: (e.g. e1234567)
  • Path: .

See also section 4.1. U-drive.