7. Remote access and data transfer

VPN | Remote Desktop | Funet FileSender | SSH terminal and file transfer (Putty, WinSCP and Swish)


VAMK offers many programs and services for academic and work purposes. These services are restricted by the manufacturers’ license agreements which usually are based upon the user’s role in the school, equipment and connections through which they are used.

There are two remote usage possibilities that are supported for the staff and students: OpenVPN and Remote Desktop Gateway.


Shared programs on Windows servers

  • Softwares are available via Remote Desktop Gateway connection
  • We cannot distribute MS Office products from this service, VAMK students and staff have free access to Office 365 Pro Plus. For more information see section 3.1.2 Office 365 applications.


Browser based services

The following pages that are accessed from outside the school network or from the users own devices require remote connection


License servers

OpenVPN is required for programs that need access to a license server in order to function. Some programs allow for the license to be loaned out for a limited time.



See section 6.4. Printing from personal devices / remote printing