6.4. Printing from personal devices / remote printing

Remote printing

  • Enables printing to some of VAMK's generally available printers from personal devices such as computers, tablets and mobile phones by sending an email attachment to email2print@vamk.fi.
  • Printing is also possible thru https://print.vamk.fi user pages with funtion Web Print

  • Printing consumes personal print quota just as printing from scool computers does (WA2 floor has a color printer: price 0,40€, other black and white printers: price 0,08€).
  • Supported file formats for remote printing:
    • PDF
    • Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Word
  • A single print job has a size limit of 50MB.

Printing via email

Requirements for email message:

  • A message has to include an attachment in one of the supported file formats, but there can be more than one attachments per message.
  • Submitted print jobs are kept in store for printing (job release) for 12 hours after which they will be canceled and deleted automatically.

Functionality of Papercut Email to Print


  1. Send an email according to the requirements listed above to email2print@vamk.fi.
    1. If you are using other email than @edu.vamk.fi address provided by school, you will receive a link after submitting a job for the first time. Use that link to tie the email address used with your school's user account for counting personal print quota. After this is done you are also able to use the users' website to release print jobs: https://print.vamk.fi > ”Jobs pending release” OR https://print.vamk.fi/client/
    2. If you are using the school's @edu.vamk.fi email address that is assigned by default on Papercut users or you have already tied your personal email address as described above, you will receive an email with a link to send and release the print job to the desired printer: https://print.vamk.fi/client/

  2. The user interface displays first pending print jobs first and possible jobs from the recent past. To release a print job first select a printer from a list shown by clicking the "Printers" button on the top right corner.

  3. Select printer and then the job you wish to print to it.
    The list is restricted to include printers only available in public areas, and does not include printers in e.g. computer classrooms.

  4. Start and/or cancel a print job with ”Release” and ”Cancel” buttons at the bottom of the page.