5.3. Mobile phones for personnel

Microsoft / Lumia

Most of the personnel in VAMK use Lumia phones. Some guides and instructions for their use are gathered below. Examples have been taken from Lumia phone 535 but guides are applicable for all new Windows phones.

Lumia support site, including also video instructions:

There you will find instructions for the most important functions.


Quick help:

Settings for VAMK

E-mail, address book and calendar are synchronized automatically to each phone. If you change your password (see section 1.3. Changing the password) it has to be changed on the phone’s e-mail as well. You will be prompted with a text asking for additional actions. Clicking on that takes you to change the password on the phone. You can also change the settings on your phone at other times. For example how to display older e-mails on your phone:

Finding a phone number from the address book

Select address book (People) and click on the magnifying glass to start the search function. If you type in a name that can’t be found from the address book a text saying search from directory: VAMK. Click on the word VAMK and the phone will search for the number from VAMK’s e-mail address book. Open the person’s information by clicking on his/her name. You can add the contact information to your own address book by selecting the diskette icon from the bottom of the screen.

Downloading apps to the phone

NOTE! You will have to download e.g. Adobe Acrobat Reader in order for the PDF attachments (such as train tickets etc.) on e-mail messages can be opened with the phone.

Using the store requires a Microsoft account. That account has to be created if you don’t already have one. So unfortunately you will have to create a new account to install apps. VAMK’s user account is not a valid one for this purpose. Create the account in advance using PC at http://www.live.com/.

The username can be whatever you want as long as it’s not similar to VAMK’s username. The suggested default Outlook.com is fine. Fill in the phone number, postal code fields your own information. In addition you will have to enter VAMK’s e-mail address to the alternative e-mail field. You will receive a confirmation message which is used to activate the account. Now you can add the new account to your phone like this:

You can download apps from the store following the instruction below:


VAMK’s calendar is synchronized automatically to your phone. With instructions below you will be able to:

If you face problems with your phone or you need more help using it send an e-mail to helpdesk@vamk.fi.