3.3. E-mail for personnel


The form of the personnel's e-mail addresses is firstname.lastname@vamk.fi and username@vamk.fi. The following user interfaces are supported for e-mail usage.

Outlook Web Access

You can access your e-mail via your browser at the following address https://outlook.vamk.fi.

Microsoft Office Outlook

The default mail program within the school is the Microsoft Outlook-program. Connection will be made automatically for the user logged in to the computer.


For mobile phones there is programs that allows synchronization of e-mail, calendar, contacts/address book and tasks.

Exchange server: outlook.vamk.fi


The maximum size of an e-mail message, including attachment, is 25MB. The maximum size of the whole e-mail account (Exchange) is 2.5GB. For larger file sending needs, see section 7.4. Funet FileSender.


Restricted so that connections are allowed only from Finnish IP networks for security reasons.
Using OpenVPN connection, if possible, is the most convinient way for the access.
Additional connections can be opened by request, for which we need used IPv4 address that can be aquired thru page like http://ip4.me.