Writing the Training Report

Purpose and Contents of the Report

The purpose of the report is to give the students an overall view on how they have succeeded in putting their knowledge and skills into practical use, as well as on what remains to be learnt. The report informs the teacher responsible for practical training about the students’ experiences during practical training and provides valuable information for the development of teaching.


The actual contents of the report on practical training may be informal. Use the layout standard taught at school. The report is required only after the main period of professional practical training.

The minimum length of the report is 5 pages (appendices excluded). You can include the following topics in your report:


Information on the company / organisation:

  • contact person and department
  • general information on the company and organisation
  • turnover, markets, customers, competitors, products / services, etc.
  • other interest groups: suppliers, owners, etc.
  • number of personnel, recruitment, training, leisure activities
  • resources (computer hardware, software, machinery, etc.)

Information on the student’s practical training:

  • training period (dates), main duties, other duties
  • how you were received in the company, how you were shown / taught what to do, work methods
  • resources (computer hardware, software, machinery, etc.) that you were using in your duties
  • what you learned and how you could put your knowledge and skills obtained at school into practical use
  • general impressions

Self assessment:

  • reflections about achieving the objectives set for the training period
  • if the objectives were not achieved - reasons

You must remember that you cannot include any confidential information in your report. The employer’s contact person will read and sign the report before it is submitted to the teacher responsible for practical training.


The report must be submitted to the teacher within one month after the end of the practical training period, at the latest. Practical training is not considered completed until the report has been submitted and approved.