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Best Student,

my best congratulations to you on having entered our up-to-date and international higher education institute – Vaasan ammattikorkeakoulu – VAMK, the University of Applied Sciences.

In the autumn of 2007, VAMK starts the ninth academic year in its full scope, with independent and permanent polytechnic status. The education has, however, long traditions, as in engineering the roots go all the way back to over 150 years and in business administration back to over 100 years. Education in the field of social services and health has reached the age of two decades.

Right from the start VAMK has chosen three focus areas for current and future development: advanced services in health care and welfare, international trade and tourism, and advanced technology. The multidisciplinary higher education institute faces the international quality standards firmly established on solid ground and caters for 3000 students. At the outset, the VAMK foundation is geared for acquisition of information, knowledge and skills for the student to become all set to receive exacting standards for expert tasks and leadership in business and tourism, the field of social services and health, in addition to technology.

Success in polytechnic studies requires a sense of responsibility, initiative, methodical working and efficiency. VAMK teaching staffs together with other personnel, do their best to help you reach your goals through our degree programmes held in high esteem.

At VAMK we aspire and aim to a greater height and broader width than specified in the degree programme curricula. We value in our students the ability to perceive the particular special expertise related to professions each with specialisation alternatives aimed as a part combined to the larger context.

Along with traditional learning methods either individually or as part of a team effort, project oriented work and information communications technology supported learning are gaining ground.

The Student Handbook 2007 – 2008 comprises basic information on VAMK and sheds light on the general principles that it operates, illustrating polytechnic studies and clarifying the provisions relevant to our degree programmes. Student services, study grants, student associations are dealt with, and in particular, all the curricula for the degree programmes together with their respective specialisation alternatives starting this academic year.

The pace of study sometimes tends to become rather full of activity. Is helps to bear in mind that there is more to life than just collecting credits for study periods. Along with cramming for various exams, it might be an idea to reserve some spare time for recreational activity and interests, especially since Vaasa as a study town comes with exciting opportunities in this respect.

With a wish for an open mind and best of success for your studies and beyond,

Jouko Paaso, PhD

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