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Student Activities


Studying at polytechnic is not only hard work but one can talk about student life that comprises studying, hobbies and free-time activities.

The student is rarely alone against his/her own will because the students have a strong inclination to seek the company of others. There is a certain spirit among the students that unites students, regardless their interests, in studies and in free time.

The students are a group with each member as an individual but when necessary, everybody is ready to pull together. A good example of the students’ activity are local student unions.

Vaasan Ammattikorkeakoulopiskelijat VAMOK ry (Vaasa Polytechnic Students) was established for the students of Vaasa Polytechnic in autumn 1996.

You become a member by paying the VAMOK’s membership fee. The student can also join the field-specific organisation and the sports club VOSU ry.

VAMOK ry is a member of the Union of Finnish Polytechnic Students SAMOK ry.

VAMOK ry participates actively in guarding the students’ interest on a national level with its own comments and opinions.

The supreme right of decision in VAMOK ry is held by the Representative Body, chosen by election where all polytechnic students have a vote. The election of 20 members for the representative body is held every autumn in all educational units of the polytechnic. The term of the representative body is one calendar year.

The representative body chooses the Chairman of the Board and other board members to implement the activity agenda in late autumn. The term of the Board is also one calendar year. The Secretary General and the Student Secretary also work for the student union.

VAMOK ry office is located in Palosaari campus at Wolffintie 30. The board members are available in the units at agreed times every week.

VAMOK’s objective is to develop the contents of the studies and instruction and to guard and promote the students’ interests. As an example of activities, the various sports activities, parties and events (e.g. ‘Olutpialaiset’, a sort of initiation of new students in September), student tutoring and involvement in developing the quality of education and study environment could be mentioned.

The student representatives for the Board of the Polytechnic, the Financial Aid Committee and development groups also goes through the student union.

Information on VAMOK activities is available on the Läystäke leaflet which is delivered to the pigeonholes of the group, on the Internet or by signing up for the student union’s mailing group or by contacting the board members.

VAMOK’s contact information:

Wolffintie 30, 65200 VAASA
Tel. (06) 326 3140, fax. (06) 326 3141

E-mail addresses of the VAMOK board members and the Secretary General:

Student Discounts and Benefits

The student discounts of the academic year 2004 - 2005 have been negotiated in collaboration with VYY, Pagus, Handelshögskolan and KAV. To get the discount, show your membership card. VR, Matkahuolto and several newspapers and insurance companies grant discounts on a national level. Further information available from the organisations, and a list of shops that grant discount can be found on the VAMOK’s web site.

Presenting the membership card even in shops not mentioned on the list can be worthwhile. Furthermore, student unions of various polytechnics have negotiated local discounts, so it pays off to show the membership card in shops outside Vaasa.

Students who are permanent residents in Vaasa get a 25% discount in local bus traffic. There is a possibility for a meal once a day in each unit. The students pay for food themselves but the meals are subsidised by EUR 1,2 per meal. You can get a subsidised meal by showing your valid membership card or KELA subsidised meal- card in the restaurants that come under the subsidy. In addition to the restaurants in the units, the students are entitled to subsidised meals at least in the restaurant Mathilda of Vaasa University and in the canteen of the office building in Palosaari. Furthermore, some private restaurants, e.g. Cotton club at Yliopistonranta comes under the subsidy.

Student Tutoring

In each educational unit of Vaasa Polytechnic, VAMOK arranges active student tutoring. The basic principle is the same in all units but there are also differences between the units.

The tutor who is responsible in each unit takes care of the practical arrangements and training of student tutors.

The student tutors are volunteering second or third year students, chosen through interviews who want to share their experiences and time with new students. The student tutors also participate in the marketing of the polytechnic in various events, such as student recruiting fairs.

The purpose of tutoring is to make the starting and adaptation to new surroundings easier. The tutor is a support person and advisor who aims to create a good spirit in the group and a comfortable study environment. The tutors are often part of new students’ lives even outside school; they show you around the town and tell you about free-time activities.

The student tutors usually receive the new students together with the group tutor on the first day, give advice and important information e.g. about the practices at polytechnic, financial aid and practically about everything. As the studies get well on the way, the tutors take care of informing, maintaining the group spirit and help to solve problems to the best of their ability.

Tutors are sworn to secrecy about the students’ private matters.

Contact information of the persons responsible for tutoring:



VOSU has scheduled reservations at various sport halls for e.g. volleyball, badminton, basketball, football, floorball and aerobics. VOSU has participated in national student sports events in ice hockey, volleyball and street basket.

The Sports Secretary is responsible for organising the sports activities for the students and the staff.

Leena Saarvio
Tel. (06) 326 3019

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