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President's Greetings

Dear Students of Vaasa Polytechnic !

Congratulations! You have been admitted to a modern and international polytechnic - Vaasa Polytechnic!

Our polytechnic is still fairly young - this is only the sixth academic year we are starting at our full extent as an independent, permanent polytechnic. Yet, our education has a long tradition: engineering education has a history of 150 years and the instruction within business economics is celebrating its 100th anniversary. Education in health care and social services, too, is reaching the age of 20.

Right from the start, our polytechnic has chosen three pillars to lean on now and in the future when developing our operation: high technology, international business and tourism and advanced health and social services. On this foundation we have built this multidisciplinary polytechnic with 3000 students that also meets the international quality standards. Therefore, our polytechnic provides excellent possibilities to obtain skills and experience that you after taking the degree will need in your future careers as experts and executives within technology, business economics and tourism and health care and social services.

Successful studying requires responsibility, self-initiative, planning skills and efficiency. Our teaching and other staff will assist you to the best of their ability to achieve your goals of receiving a high-level and esteemed polytechnic degree.

One of the special objectives in polytechnic studies is that the students obtain information outside their own degree programmes and specialisation alternatives. Thus, they can see their professional expertise from a wider perspective.

In addition to the traditional study methods, problem-based project working and virtual studies have become more and more important learning methods. All our students will be familiar with these at some point of their studies.

The study guide for academic year 2004 -2005 is in three parts: Finnish, Swedish and English. Each of them contains general information about our polytechnic and its operation, polytechnic studies and regulations concerning the degrees, student services, financial aid, student activities and especially information about all degree programmes that start this autumn as well as the curricula of the specialisation alternatives.

We wish you success in your studies and hope you have an open mind for acquiring new knowledge. Despite a fast study pace - or perhaps because of it - it is worthwhile to remember that there is more to life than hard work. Your years of studying should not only be filled with toiling at studies but also with hobbies and recreation. In this respect Vaasa offers a good many interesting leisure activities.

Welcome to Vaasa Polytechnic!

Jouko Paaso


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