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Modern Color Theory, 2 cu
TCC30089 (course)

Learning Objectives

If the current generation of visualization programs capable of handling up to 64,000,000 different colors and shades, it seems that it would be worthwhile to know something about the role of color in visual presentations. The proposed course would deal with the understanding and comprehension of the role of color in visualizations, and pictorial work in general. It would be applicable to the designing of web pages or in advertising. The course will be an exploration of modern color theory as developed by Joseph Albers at the Bauhaus School of Design.


Intensive in-class practice and assigned exercises in two units:

  • A series of exercises to be done on computer using Coral-Draw 10 or a higher version.
  • Lectures that include historical and contemporary examples.

Study Methods

In-class and assigned exercises, lectures and class discussions.

Assessment of Learning

On the basis of a “virtual portfolio” submitted to the instructor at the end of the period.


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