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Business Culture in Finland and the other Nordic Countries, 2 cu
TCC30088 (course)

Learning Objectives

The aim of this course is that the student gets to know the business correspondence and understand the differences between the Nordic countries in business life. The student will also improve the cultural skills in order to understand why there is differences in business culture between the countries.

Objectives of knowledge

The student will get to know the business life in Nordic countries fro different point of views.

Objectives of attitudes

The student is interested in learning about the cultural differences and similarities between the Nordic countries.

Objectives of skills

The student will understand the meaning of cultural differences in business life and wants to improve his/her knowledge about Nordic countries.


Basic knowledge in the Nordic culture and history. Awareness of the differences between the countries. Intercultural communication, oral and written communication.

Previous Knowledge

Tiedottava viestintä, suullinen ja kirjallinen vaikuttaminen.

Study Methods

Lectures, group work, project learning.

Learning Material

  • To be annonced at the beginning of the course.

Assessment of Learning

Active participation, oral and written exercises assignment, project report


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