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Advanced Spanish, 2 cu
TCC30080 (course)

Learning Objectives

The students will learn to use Spanish in more advanced situationsa. also in writing


  • The class, subjects, and the teaching expressions, orders.
  • The city: shops, buildings, prepositions of place.
  • Hay/está , showing the way
  • Buying fruit, double negative form (no...nada)
  • The house, the family, possessive adjectives and genitive
  • Hobbies, sports and free time (gustar)
  • Sopping clother, demonstarive adjectives
  • Present tense of irregular verbs (berbs with dipthong)
  • Ir a, ir? infinitive (future)
  • Arranging a meeting, the diary
  • Ordering food at a restaurant
  • The weather (hacer), muy/mucho
  • Present perfect (have you ever..?Activities: exercises, short dialogues, games, songs etc

Assessment of Learning

Paricipation in class and an exam.


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